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Functional site class:
CK1 Phosphorylation site
Functional site description:
Motif recognised by CK1 for Ser/Thr phosphorylation
ELM Description:
CK1 phosphorylation site
Pattern: S..([ST])...
Pattern Probability: 0.0170407
Present in taxon: Eukaryota
Interaction Domain:
Pkinase (PF00069) Protein kinase domain (Stochiometry: 1 : 1)
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o Abstract
Casein kinase I has a wide variety of substrates, with the existence of at least eight isoforms in vertebrate cells, making understanding of regulation somewhat complex and difficult. The enzyme appears to have roles in cell division, DNA repair and glycogen metabolism. CK1 is expressed ubiquitously throughout mammalian tissue and cell lines, although different isofoms show some subcellular localisation within the cytoplasm, nuclei and associated with membranes and the cytoskeleton.
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o 2 Instances for MOD_CK1_1
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Acc., Gene-, NameStartEndSubsequenceLogic#Ev.OrganismNotes
P46937-2 YAP1
381 387 YHSRDESTDSGLSMSSYSVP TP 7 Homo sapiens (Human)
P04637 TP53
15 21 SVEPPLSQETFSDLWKLLPE TP 5 Homo sapiens (Human)
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