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Functional site class:
O-Fucosylation site
Functional site description:
Site for attachment of a fucose residue to a serine
ELM Description:
Site for attachment of a fucose residue to a serine
Pattern: C.{3,5}([ST])C
Pattern Probability: 0.0000462
Present in taxons: Caenorhabditis elegans Drosophila melanogaster Eumetazoa Homo sapiens Mus musculus
Interaction Domain:
O-FucT (PF10250) GDP-fucose protein O-fucosyltransferase (Stochiometry: 1 : 1)
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o Abstract
O-Fucose modifications have been described in several different protein contexts including epidermal growth factor-like repeats (important players in several signal transduction systems) and thrombospondin type 1 repeats (in a region involved in cell adhesion). In Notch, a cell-surface signaling receptor required for many developmental events, the O-fucose moieties serve as a substrate for the activity of Fringe, a known modifier of Notch function.
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o 4 Instances for MOD_OFUCOSY
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Acc., Gene-, NameStartEndSubsequenceLogic#Ev.OrganismNotes
P98119 Salivary plas
92 98 SCSEPRCFNGGTCWQAVYFS TP 1 Desmodus rotundus (Common vampire bat)
P00750 PLAT
291 296 RRLTWEYCDVPSCSTCGLRQ FP 1 Homo sapiens (Human)
P00750 PLAT
91 97 SCSEPRCFNGGTCQQALYFS TP 1 Homo sapiens (Human)
P00749 PLAU
33 39 VPSNCDCLNGGTCVSNKYFS TP 1 Homo sapiens (Human)
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