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ELM annotation process is a tedious and time-consuming process involving critical reading of primary and secondary literature, finding motif instances, generating multiple sequence alignments and more. In order not to loose track of possible annotations, we keep the following list of candidate motifs.
We invite researchers to send us their feedback and expert opinion on these classes and to contribute novel motif classes that will be added to the candidate page and ultimately be turned into full ELM classes. Minimum requirements are at least one literature reference as well as a short description. In addition, a draft regular expression or a 3D structure showing the relevant interaction would also be helpful.

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Detailed Status:
not annotatable: 2
Identifier Model References Description Notes Status
TRG_ER-exit LLV 19535327 A highly conserved motif near the C-terminus that dictates ER exit and cell-surface expression of NKCC2. Although very conserved, the motif seems to be quite specific for NKCC2 and not very general: several reports show that deletion/mutation of this motif in other receptors do not retain the protein in the ER. (see student's report) not annotatable
FAM_TypeIII W...E 16413475 Motif present in signalling effectors used by pathogens to mimic activated Ras-like cellular GTPases. no linear motif: Motif resides (in all checked instances) in a globular region (helix). not annotatable
Please cite: ELM 2016-data update and new functionality of the eukaryotic linear motif resource. (PMID:26615199)

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