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Accession Acc. Gene-, NameStartEndSubsequenceLogic PDB OrganismLength
ELMI002399 P38398 BRCA1
504 509 PLTNKLKRKRRPTSGLHPED TP --- Homo sapiens (Human) 1863

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Evidence classPSI-MIMethodBioSourcePubMedLogicReliabilityNotes
experimental MI:0018 two hybrid in vivo Chen,1996 support certain InteractionDetection
experimental MI:0403 colocalization in vitro Chen,1996 support certain
experimental MI:0074 mutation analysis in vivo/in vitro Chen,1996 support certain FeatureDetection

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This ELM instance is part of the following 1 switching mechanism annotated at the switches.ELM resource:
  • SWTI000580:
    ELM Switch SWTI000580

    Alternative splicing removes the nuclear localisation signal (NLS) of Breast cancer type 1 susceptibility protein (BRCA1), abrogating binding to Importin subunit alpha-1 (KPNA1) and import into the nucleus. The study compared the full-length Brca1 splice variant (Isoform 1) to the Delta11b isoform (Isoform Delta11b). The shorter isoform is missing exon 11b and differs in a number of ways. Firstly, it lacks an NLS and therefore has a cytoplasmic localisation. Also, when over-expressed, the Delta11b isoform was not toxic, suggesting nuclear localisation is important for Brca1\'s toxic behaviour.

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KEGG: The sequence P38398 is implicated in the following 7 Pathways: (color codes: This sequence=red, interacting sequence=orange)
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