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 4 Instances for search term 'TRG_DiLeu_BaEn_2':
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ELM identifierAcc., Gene-, NameStartEndSubsequenceLogic#Ev.OrganismNotes
TRG_DiLeu_BaEn_2 P20309 CHRM3
275 281 QASGTEAETENFVHPTGSSR TP 3 Homo sapiens
TRG_DiLeu_BaEn_2 P09958 FURIN
782 788 SEEDEGRGERTAFIKDQSAL TP 3 Homo sapiens
TRG_DiLeu_BaEn_2 O15427 SLC16A3
441 447 DSGVDLREVEHFLKAEPEKN TP 3 Homo sapiens
TRG_DiLeu_BaEn_2 Q9Y6R1 SLC4A4
1052 1058 KIPMDIMEQQPFLSDSKPSD TP 3 Homo sapiens
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