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 7 Instances for search term 'MOD_Plk_4':
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ELM identifierAcc., Gene-, NameStartEndSubsequenceLogic#Ev.OrganismNotes
592 598 DEISFSSNSSFVLKILERDQ TP 5 Homo sapiens
MOD_Plk_4 Q969U6 FBXW5
148 154 QFSQFNKDDSLLLASGVFLG TP 4 Homo sapiens
MOD_Plk_4 O00444 PLK4
302 308 ASSSTSISGSLFDKRRLLIG TP 4 Homo sapiens
MOD_Plk_4 O00444 PLK4
339 345 DFSSSGDGNSFYTQWGNQET TP 1 Homo sapiens
MOD_Plk_4 O00444 PLK4
954 960 IKQKLQCLSSILLMFSNPTP TP 1 Homo sapiens
MOD_Plk_4 Q9XZ31 ana2
315 321 QLAKPNTEKSMVMNELALKY TP 3 Drosophila melano...
(Fruit fly)
MOD_Plk_4 Q15468 STIL
1105 1111 NTDRSTVGLSLISPNNMSFA TP 9 Homo sapiens
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