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o  Instance

Accession Acc. Gene-, NameStartEndSubsequenceLogic PDB OrganismLength
ELMI002694 O35303 Dnm1l
645 648 QKGHAVNLLDVPVPVARKLS TP --- Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat) 755

o  Instance evidence

Evidence classPSI-MIMethodBioSourcePubMedLogicReliabilityNotes
experimental MI:0096 pull down in vivo/in vitro support certain InteractionDetection
experimental MI:0519 glutathione s tranferase tag in vitro Slupe,2013 support certain
experimental MI:0065 isothermal titration calorimetry in vitro Slupe,2013 support certain InteractionDetection
experimental MI:0074 mutation analysis in vivo/in vitro Slupe,2013 support certain FeatureDetection
experimental MI:0113 western blot in vitro Slupe,2013 support certain ParticipantIdentification FeatureDetection

o  Interactions

Uniprot Id Domain family Domain Start Domain End Affinity Min/Max (µMol) Notes
(P63098) CANB1_HUMAN PF13499 (EF_hand_7)
EF-hand domain pair
(Q08209) PP2BA_HUMAN PF00149 (Metallophos)
Calcineurin-like phosphoesterase
83 285 27.0/27.0 [mitab][xml]

o  Pathways

KEGG: The sequence O35303 is implicated in the following 3 Pathways: (color codes: This sequence=red, interacting sequence=orange)
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